The Olympics and Category Management

How the 2012 Olympic Games used Category Management to successfully deliver
The greatest Show on Earth and make a nation proud

Practical Workshop
October 21 '2020
* The workshop will be conducted in English with synchro-translation into Ukrainian / Russian

09:00 - 13:00

- The workshop starts at 9:00 -
- Access to the online lounge is open 15 minutes before the start -

Category management in procurement is a common practice in Ukraine. Not many companies use it on regularly basis.

Successfully implementing Category Management within a business is always a challenge but to do this for the Olympic games with demanding requirements and specifications is unprecedented.
* Briefly about 2012 Summer Olympics budget

красивая цитата
PARTICIPANTS GET A FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE FROM STEPHEN WILLS, WHO WAS was a senior procurement adviser with 2012 Summer olympics
Why would Stephen Wills's experience be useful to me?
A curious participant of "Effective Procurement & Supply Chain 2020" conference
Stephen's project for London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOGOC) was a high profile and complex assignment to re-negotiate £0.5bn of commercial contracts
    Procurement categories:
    • the recruitment , vetting and retention for private and volunteer guards and stewards ,
    • a distribution centre in Stratford,
    • office accommodation for up to 700 staff In canary wharf,
    • uniforms, accommodation, training, catering,
    • fencing, CCTV, barriers and scanning equipment .

    New contracts were agreed containing key performance indicators for gain share and penalties. LOCOG publicly stated that "the security contract was very strongly written and made it clear where the problem sat and who will bear the financial consequences."

    Without resources and within a temporary organisation Stephen promptly built a team and ESTABLISHED AN EFFECTIVE PURCHASING ORGANIZATION that managed RFP s, transactional and strategic procurement, executed policy and process controls for sourcing and vendor managing all the categories.

    Workshop "How the 2012 Olympic Games used Category Management in Procurement..." covers the approach, the models , tools and techniques used to deliver on time, on budget and within scope
    In this workshop we discuss:
    • the analysis,
    • planning,
    • skills,
    • capabilities,
    • strategy to adopt that gives a business better performance and a competitive advantage with competitors
    Successful procurement functions have adopted category management as the approach to underpin their strategy .The demand to control costs , reduce working capital and have resilient supply chains means procurement have become a business leader rather than a support function ."
    Stephen Wills, FCIPS, MBA, ex-Vice President of AXA Financial, Board Member in CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply)
    All participants will get certificates

    • Chief Procurement Officers
    • Supply Chain Managers
    • CFO, COO
    • Head of Sales
    • Director of Operations

    Especially USEFUL for

    • procurement managers who are responsible for change management
    • project leaders
    Workshop leader - Stephen Wills, FCIPS, MBA, United Kingdom
    ex-Vice President of AXA Financial,
    Board Member in CIPS
    (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply)
    Steve has 45+ yrs in procurement - since 1975
    Managed or worked in procurement organizations in AXA Group, AXA Insurance, AXA Financial, AVIVA, Dowty, Keltek Electronics, AVK, (Distribution), Fleet Motor Management.
    Founder and Managing Director at Procurement Central
    Stephen was a senior procurement adviser with 2012 Summer Olympics in London who managed £ 0.5 billion of commercial contracts.
    Steve owns the highest honour from CIPS - Professional of the year
    Steve's speaking about leadership

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