Demand Planning & Forecast
in Supply Chain

Practical Workshop

October 22 2020

* The workshop will be conducted in English with synchro-translation into Ukrainian / Russian

09:00 - 13:00

- Access to the online lounge is open 15 minutes before the start -

Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting excellence is the cornerstone of success.

Well established functions make the whole value chain work like a clock.

The main Objective of this workshop is to get acquainted with the tools and approaches in planning and forecasting in operations.
We will discuss 8 (eight!) variants of forecasting techniques that can improve your supply chain performance

Workshop Plan

1. Understanding the four pillars of Demand Planning::

  • Forecasting Methods
  • Forecasting Performance
  • Forecast Management
  • Technology
2. Forecast Modeling and Analysis: The basic framework
  • Understanding the need for different horizons of demand forecasting, Planning and Integrated Business Planning
  • Understanding the need for a system
  • Objective of creating a rolling forecast
  • Identifying rolling plan horizon
  • Rolling forecast comparison period
  • Rolling plan as your baseline forecast
  • Tie your rolling plan to your strategic plan

3. Basic introduction to Forecasting the supply chain

  • Time Series models
  • Causal and Predictive Analytics
  • Qualitative Forecasting
In order to ensure optimal demand forecasting, manager must adapt to forecasting techniques that best suits your business requirements.
The forecast should be operationally significant and strategically aligned.
Rakesh Paras Singh
4. Understanding variability, Uncertainty and what you need to know about forecast accuracy
  • Basic data science tools to understand variability and forecastabilty of a Data series.
  • Using analysis to understand variability and uncertainty
  • Different ways of measuring forecast accuracy
  • Use of elasticities, coefficient of variance and predictive analytics in analyzing business driven variability
  • How to select and track the best forecast accuracy measure in order to guide forecast process improvement
As businesses possess multiple supply chain within themselves, we will discuss segmentation and splintering of demand as a strategy to understand the market
Had the opportunity to attend the Demand Planning Master Class conducted by Mr Rakesh. It was a great experience and absolutely informative.
Darpan Khurana, Nestle India, Demand Planning Specialist SAR
All participants will get certificates

  • CPO
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • CFO, COO
  • Head of Sales

Especially USEFUL for

  • Demand Planning Professionals and Forecasters
  • Market Researchers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Product Managers
Speaker- Rakesh Paras Singh, Phd
Chairman, Institute of Supply Chain and Management, India
20+ yrs in Demand Planning and Supply Chain.
Rakesh worked with Larsen and Toubro, Syngenta, Unilever, P&G, Damco, Agility, Cipla, Nivea, Godrej, Fiat, Pfizer, Mahindra Vehicle, etc.
Rakesh is Dean of ISCM Demand Planning Academy, Mumbai.

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