International Procurement & Supply Management

We optimize your costs, organize an effective procurement process and find fraud

Who We Are?

Key team – 5 people + contractors and partners. We make the world of procurement transparent and efficient. We optimize customer costs as outsourcers and help earn more business.

We are the organizers of the annual International Procurement Conference – an educational project, our speakers share practical experiences and come from several countries: in 2020 the geography was from San Francisco to Mumbai and from Vilnius to Dubai. Only the Russian-Ukrainian War stopped us but we will back with this project as soon as it will be possible.

Among our clients:

  • Food and heavy industry
  • Energy companies
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Service Industries
  • IT companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Investment holdings
  • Banking sector
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Defense

“The procurement department brings added value to the business.”
Maryna Trepova, CEO IPSM

Over the years, we have formed a number of principles

We love projects where we can change the system and influence the outcome. We do not work for the “bird”. And we:

We value our reputation

We do not draw “improved numbers”

Neutral to suppliers

We do not provide preferences

We are telling an unpleasant truth

We show the real situation