Anticrisis Procurement and Supply Chain Services

It is possible, desirable and necessary to optimize costs during lockouts and remote office mode. The company’s own resources may be lacking, and moreover, will often help a special, “cost-reducing” view from the outside.

Since April 2020 we have been successfully working with some clients in a hybrid format and with others – only online. The express format of services helps to make a quick cut and outline an action plan to immediately reduce losses and not lose profits.

Meet after Lockdown Express Services Available Online

Now every procurement & supply chain professional is in high demand.
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Express Assessment Of Procurement Function In Remote Mode

For Whom
For medium and large manufacturers, agro and IT companies


  1. A holistic picture of how procurement and/or supply chain functions work now.
  2. Function gap analysis with recommendations.
  3. Summary report and action plan.

Delivery Terms – 2 Weeks *

Express Supply Chain Risks Assessment In Remote Mode

For Whom
For medium and large companies from various sectors of the economy


  1. Assistance in risk and losses assessment.
  2. Mapping risks in procurement and supply chain.
  3. Develop a risk management plan.

Delivery Terms – 3 Weeks *

Development And Preparation Of Documentation

For Whom
For companies who systematize processes within their Supply Chain

Client-specific work templates, standards, procurement policies, job descriptions at all levels, protocols, evaluation forms, etc.

Delivery Terms – 2 Days *

* Term for a medium-sized company, the cost depends on the volume of work and additional parameters: production complexity, number of operations, automation, etc..