IPSM | What We Do

We work across various industries to support companies of different sizes who want to make their procurement and supply chain clear and transparent.

Find lost profits

Through procurement audit and cost analysis, we estimate potential losses and find lost profits

Optimize costs in the supply chain

Through procurement audit, portfolio analysis and category management, we do reduce our clients’ company costs

Organize processes

We find, analyze and rebuild non-optimal processes at any level in procurement: from specifications and tenders preparation to support of contract execution.

Find fraud and corruption

We make procurement procedures as transparent as possible and prevent corruption

Core Services of IPSM

You can get every detail about our services by phone – 380 63 730 2040 or email – request@ip-sm.com

Strategic Assessment


  1. A holistic picture of how procurement and / or supply chain functions work now.
  2. Function gap-analysis w/ recommendations.
  3. Zones of possible fraud in function.

Roadmap for improving the situation



  1. Transparent procurement and / or supply chain processes are implemented
  2. Control of processes is higher
  3. The information is stored and will not be lost
  4. Saving human and time resource

Re-view of costs, processes, organizational structure when preparing and implementing automation.

Purchasing Outsourcing


  1. Simplify procurement process.
  2. Minimize corruption component
  3. Release company’s resources
  4. Save money

We involve niche experts for specific projects

Processes Optimization


  1. Model “To BE” for procurement optimization
  2. Gap-analysis with recommendations.
  3. Automation of processes.
  4. Category management.

Support at implementation stages

Our Clients Get Clear Measurable Results

Cost reduction


Increase efficiency of procurement


Business processes optimization


Budget savings


Improve business sustainability


Profitability increase