Free event

The necessity of Category Management in real life business

March 11 '2021
3 pm - 4:30pm - London time / 5 pm - 6:30 pm - Kyiv time

Virtual round table from Procurement Central (United Kingdom) and IPSM (Ukraine)

We open a series of round tables where procurement PROs from United Kingdom and Ukraine will share their best practices.
Let's see how leaders apply similar (or not?!) procurement tools and solutions in the countries with different economies: Mature Economy vs. Emerging Market Economy.
The workshops will be conducted in English & Russian with translation
All Procurement leaders are searching for the method that delivers results and add value for their procurement activity. It can be confusing what is the right thing to do to get the optional procurement results. We are absolutely sure that Category management is the right method that brings outstanding results.

Most of us know what Category Management is but how it is done and why is it important and what are the benefits?

We explore why Category Management thrives and survives in Procurement

An effective category management plan can aid your business to work with vendors in a more effective style and secure the time between the start and end of the process.

Category management:

  1. can bring better client satisfaction
  2. provides time for business people to focus on their work
  3. delivers diversity and value-based services.
  4. improves relationships with diverse supplier and internal clients.
Who should attend

  • Category and vendor managers
  • Heads and Director and CPO of functions
  • Finance Director
  • Everybody in procurement who wants to develop skills and to get knowledge
Meet Our Speakers
Аlena Kuramshyna (Ukraine)
Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at Intech
Case "Specialized cars for mining: success and mistakes in category strategy implementation"
John Thompson, MBA, MCIPS (UK)
Procurement Manager, Procurement and Supply chain expert with 25+ yrs
Case "Category Management in Action"
Debbie Sorrell MCIPS about category managent
John Thompson FCIPS about category managent

Why you should visit this free virtual round table:

Real successes & real mistakes
Commercial sector and public procurement.
Category management results in different markets
- Who Made This Happen - Moderators -
Debbie Sorrell, BSC FCIPS (UK)
Associate Partner at Procurement Central
Commercial Assessor at Cabinet Office
Stephen Wills, MBA, FCIPS (UK)
Founder at Procurement Central
Board Member in CIPS (UK)
Maryna Trepova MBA (Ukraine)
Co-founder and CEO at IPSM - International Procurement & Supply Management

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